It was a creepy scene: My friends and I decided to make a(n) {{adjective}} movie at night on a set that looked like a(n) {{large number}} -year-old graveyard. We turned on our {{electronic device}}, and I put on a(n) {{something scary}} costume. Just then, I heard a(n) {{loud noise}}. “It was probably just the {{type of weather}},” I said. But then the sound moved closer. And closer. Suddenly I saw a big, shadowy {{fantasy creature}}. “{{verb}}!” I screamed. My friends {{past-tense verb}} over each other as they tried to escape {{adverb ending in -ly}}. As I ran, I closed my {{body part, plural}} and {{past-tense verb}} into a(n) {{something from nature}}. But then {{friend’s name}} pointed a(n) {{noun}} into the distance. “It’s just a(n) {{animal}},” (s)he said. We all {{past-tense verb}} in relief. Guess this {{adjective}} movie can wait until next {{holiday}}.
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